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Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Solutions

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Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Solutions

We’ve all been there – you’re ready to head out of the house for the day, and you click your garage door opener, but the garage door won’ot open or close. Luckily, our team of professional San Antonio garage door experts are here to help! Helotes Overhead Garage Doors has proudly served the community for more than 30 years.  We work to provide the best customer service and guarantee our work. Another priority for us is to educate our valued customers and help teach them some of the maintenance basics when it comes to their garage door.

While we’re always happy to help with garage door repairs and issues, there are quite a few adjustments and corrections that can be made from the comfort of your own home.  Before you call for a garage door technician, you may want to consider trying these steps to get a malfunctioning door working properly again.

You’ll see that it’s important to check two areas of your garage door.  Locate the sensors and the tracks of your door in order to perform a few simple tests.


san antonio garage door sensor repair service maintenance overhead doors

1. Photoelectric Sensors


Check your photoelectric sensors

The first thing you will want to do is to check to see if anything is blocking your photo sensor.   You should have two of them, one located on each side of the door.  When a sensor is blocked, the door will not close.  This is a safety measure to be sure nothing, or nobody is caught if the door should shut.

If you are all clear, then that is not the issue. If there is something in the way then move it and try to shut your door again.

Sensor alignment

Perhaps your sensor is not blocked but it is misaligned.  You can figure this out at a quick glance.  Look at both sensors and be sure they are tilted and pointed straight across the overhead door area.

Sunlight issues

The sun can hit your sensor at just the right spot and act like a blockage when it comes to closing and opening your door.  Try and shadow the sensor with your hand or body and try to close the door.

Keep it clean

As you work with your sensor to solve your garage door issue, double check to see that it is clean.  In order for your door to work properly, you’ll need to keep this important, sensitive area clean.   A cotton swab will work great to just wipe away debris from the sensor.

If all is well with your sensors, then it is time to consider and inspect the tracks of your garage door.

check your tracks when your garage door won't open or close

2. Door Tracks


Track alignment

Check the screws and see if they have any residue that could cause issues with roller friction.  If you have a roller that scrapes against the screws, then the rollers are too tight on the track.

Roller and track issues

This is an easy fix.  Try to loosen the screws to enable the movement between the track and rollers to happen with less effort, scraping and noise.  Rollers that rub against the track can be loosed by a bracket with a wrench.  This will help ensure the roller won’t be pinched in the track.


If these simple options don’t work, you can rest assured that Helotes Overhead is available to meet your needs no matter when you call. We service our customers 24/7.  Our team promises fast, friendly service that will give you great results. If you have a garage door that won’t open and close, then be sure to give us a call.  We can come to your assistance or walk you through these simple at home techniques so that your door will open and close more easily. Contact our team today to schedule your repair and service.

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