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Protect Your Garage Door from Hail

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Protect Your Garage Door from Hail

Living in Texas means you’ll occasionally have some severe weather. If you’ve experienced hail before (and let’s face it, if you were here in Helotes during 2016, you’re probably a hail expert by now), you know that even minor hail can seriously damage roofs, gutters, siding, windows, landscaping, and even the hood of your car. Quarter-sized hail can wreak havoc on roof shingles, while golf ball-sized hail can split cedar. No matter the size, hail poses a major risk to both people and property. Not even your garage door is immune to cosmetic or even structural damage. If your garage door has taken a beating from a hailstorm and you need help assessing the repair, call Helotes Overhead Garage Doors. We offer free estimates on garage door panels and have the best rates and service in town.

Hail storms can develop suddenly with little warning, usually in the afternoon or early evening. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair. Our skilled technicians are available and ready every day when you’re in desperate need of garage door help. You’ll be aware of all necessary recommendations and asked to sign an estimate before work is completed. We only recommend what you need!


Repair or Replace?

At Helotes Overhead Garage Doors, we always try to repair over replace whenever possible. Damage from hail storms can range from simple cosmetic to severe structural damage to your garage door panels. We offer panel replacement as a cost effective solution to panel dents and damage. You can save money by replacing a panel rather than an entire garage door. If your door suffers extensive storm damage to more than two panels, the damage might be beyond repair. One of our experienced garage door technicians can help you determine the best solution. If ordering a new door is your next step after a hail storm, we carry several makes and models. We offer new various styles of doors, including a wide selection from C.H.I. Overhead Door, one of the industry leaders in quality garage doors. Our garage door selection makes it possible to find an exact replacement or branch out to a style that suites your personal preference.


How Can I Prevent Hail Damage?

While even the best preparation can’t prevent all hailstorm damage, there are things you can do to increase the chances that your garage door will survive intact. We believe in the power of preventative maintenance and preparation. The best way to combat potential storm damage from high winds or storms is with reinforcement struts. A reinforcement strut on each panel will increase the integrity of your door and make sure each panel is properly anchored in place for support. Homeowners can greatly minimize garage door damage and increase the longevity of their door by investing in reinforcement struts.


Whether you are looking to assess your garage door or prevent damage call your local San Antonio garage door company, Helotes Overhead Doors to evaluate and only recommend what you need! Our licensed and bonded technicians are available and ready to help. Call to set up an appointment at (210) 695-8983 or send us a message to book your service.

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