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Medical Center Garage Door Service

Medical Center Garage Door Services

Proudly Serving Medical Center and the Surrounding Areas

The Medical Center in San Antonio is a high-traffic, heavily populated area of San Antonio’s northwest side. You’ll find an abundance of medical office buildings, strip shopping centers, and apartment buildings. It’s home to the UT Health Science Center, USAA‘s corporate offices, and the South Texas Medical Center. Behind the scenes, though, there’s a lot of homes in this area that were predominantly build in the mid-1900s. Many of these homes are due for some renovations and are in need of some Medical Center garage door repair services.


The Medical Center may not be an incorporated community inside San Antonio (like Alamo Heights, Leon Valley, Castle Hills, etc.), but it’s still got a personality all its own. The garage door needs of the area shouldn’t be dismissed just because it’s not as densely populated in homeowners as Alamo Ranch or as affluent as Stone Oak.

Medical Center Garage Door Repair Installation Service Parts
San Antonio Medical Center

Helotes Overhead Garage Doors has been serving residents of the Medical Center and nearby areas since 1985. We offer a variety of affordable Medical Center garage door services, including garage door repairgarage door maintenance, custom home remodeling and more. Contact us today to learn more about our custom garage doors throughout the Medical Center and all of Northwest San Antonio, TX!

San Antonio Medical Center Garage Door Installation Company Repair Service Maintenance Helotes Boerne

When you’re in need of a new garage door installation for your Medical Center home, contact our team of dedicated professionals! We’re experts at matching your garage door to your home and making sure that it’s not only the perfect look, but that it functions perfectly. We’ve been serving the Medical Center area for over thirty years! We offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes. We offer CHI Brand doors and can accommodate nearly any style preference.

San Antonio Medical Center Garage Door Repair Service Maintenance Installation

Did your garage door fall off the track? Accidentally put a dent in it while backing out? Is your chain, pulley, sensor, garage door opener or handle broken? Don’t worry, things happen. Lucky for you, Helotes Overhead is here to help!


No matter what type of repair you might need, we can fix just about any problem with your garage. When a repair isn’t possible, though, you may want to consider a full garage door replacement. If that’s your situation, check out our selection of new doors that we can install for you.

San Antonio Medical Center Garage Door Maintenance Repair Service Installation Boerne Helotes

It can be easy to forget about, but your garage door is the largest moving part of your house. Performing routine maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars a year and can also prevent unwanted accidents that cause property damage or serious injuries to you or your family. Call our experts today to ask about our affordable garage door routine maintenance program today. We love serving the Medical Center community for all your garage door maintenance needs.

San Antonio Medical Center Garage Door Opener Parts Service Repair Maintenance Helotes Boerne

With as much use as your garage door system gets, it’s no wonder that the parts and components eventually wear out. When yours start to act a little faulty or fail completely, contact our team for help! We always look to repair any parts that we possibly can, and when a repair ins’t possible, we’re able to completely replace the faulty part quickly and with the exact right match for your system.

San Antonio Medical Center Wood Garage Door Installation Repair Service Maintenance Company Boerne Helotes

Aesthetics matter in the Medical Center area. For a timeless, traditional, classy look, consider a wood garage door from Helotes Overhead Garage Doors. We’ll build you the perfect garage door, install, and maintain your door to keep it looking and working great for years to come. When you need a custom garage door for your home, consider Helotes Overhead Garage Doors your local go-to for your Medical Center wooden garage door.

San Antonio Medical Center Custom Garage Door Repair Service Maintenance Installation Overhead Boerne Helotes

If you’re looking for a more unique style of garage door, Helotes Overhead Garage Doors is here to help. Whether you’re in need of a glass door, uniquely sized door, or any other special modification, we offer custom door options that can accentuate your home’s features and improve your home’s appearance. We can install your custom door, wood door or CHI Brand steel door. For affordable garage doors that are built to last, contact us today!

San Antonio Medical Center Commercial Garage Door Repair Service Maintenance Helotes Boerne

Everyone thinks about the doctor’s offices in the Medical Center area, but there are a lot of commercial businesses, too. If you’re looking for a company that knows how to help with your Medical Center Commercial Overhead Door, we’re here to give you a hand! We can handle the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of any commercial door. We’ll make sure that your door is equipped to handle your commercial needs for years to come.

San Antonio Medical Center Remodeling Construction Building Renovation Boerne Helotes

We’re much more than just garage door repair services. Most people don’t know it, but we also offer whole home remodeling and construction services! We can manage any project ranging from building a fence or deck, painting your interior or exterior, or even remodeling an entire room or home. Contact our team for a free estimate!

San Antonio Medical Center Fence Deck Building Construction Contractor Boerne Helotes

Part of the allure of life in Stone Oak is the ability to enjoy your own backyard space. Here at Helotes Overhead Doors, we can make that a reality. In addition to Medical Center Garage Door Service, we also offer remodeling, building, and construction services! We’re experts at Medical Center Fence and Deck Building, and can create a custom fence or deck for your property. Contact our team for a free estimate!

San Antonio Medical Center House Painting Contractors Boerne Helotes

Looking for someone to help brighten up the exterior or interior of your home? Here at Helotes Overhead Garage Doors, we’re way more than just a garage door company. We now offer Medical Center Painting Services for the interior and exterior as part of our remodeling, building, and construction services. We can handle any job from one room to a whole house. Contact our team for a free estimate!

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