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Commercial Overhead Door Installation

Commercial Overhead Door Installation

This past week, we were really excited here at Helotes Overhead Garage Doors to combine two of our favorite types of services (commercial doors and remodeling) into one project. One of our clients put us in contact with a local church over on Eisenhauer Road. The church needed to take their 10×12 commercial door on one of their metal frame buildings and convert it into two doors, both 10×12. In order to do this, they would be needing to make some pretty large-scale structural changes, in addition to getting a new custom garage door that would work for their needs.

Our team got to work planning the process. We sat down with the customers and talked about the logistics of completing a project like this. We presented them with all the options – and the pros and cons that went with both – and let them determine what was the best course of action based on their budget and their needs. Once we’d figured out a plan, we started with some simple demolition and cut new door frames out of the metal. To make the new doors solid, we welded in new framing and support joists.

After the initial structure was finished, we installed two new rolling overhead doors that were custom-fit to their space. After attaching the doors to the opening, we made sure to add new trimming and edges, so that the finished product looked polished and clean. The end result not only something that works perfectly for the customer’s needs, but also looks professional and well-maintained. The customers loved the outcome, and were especially pleased with the price we charged for the remodeling and doors together. Finally, we cleaned up all the debris, parts and trimmings and put the space back to looking better than it did when we found it.

We’re really proud to have had this opportunity to serve another member of our San Antonio community and take care of their commercial overhead door needs. Being an active part of the community and contributing to the well-being of our neighborhood has been a Helotes Overhead Garage Door staple since our inception in 1985. Contact our team today to see how we can help solve you garage door installation, repair, maintenance and remodeling needs.

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