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Why We Use CHI Brand Doors

San Antonio Steel Garage Door Company

Why We Use CHI Brand Doors

Here at Helotes Overhead Garage Doors, we are proud to have served the San Antonio area since 1985. For over thirty years, we’ve installed, repaired, and serviced thousands of garage doors. We’ve installed custom wood doors, commercial overhead doors, steel doors and even really unique, custom doors.

Through it all, we’ve always used high-quality doors and products. We stand by our workmanship and the products we utilize. Some of our competitors try to cut costs and increase their profit margin by using lower-quality, inferior products. Our commitment to quality means that we never make that compromise.

Below are three reasons why you should always choose a San Antonio Garage Door company that uses high-quality products, like the one that Helotes Overhead has offered for over thirty years.

1. Highest-Quality Aesthetics

When you use high-quality brands (like CHI Garage Doors), you’re sure to have the best-looking garage doors on the block. Inferior products are made of cost-efficient materials and are usually thinner, more frail, and are built with shoddy design. That cost-cutting is reflected in the appearance of the door and all the materials. If you don’t want to have a home that looks like an economy-level home, don’t use an economy-level door.

2. Longevity

One of the biggest benefits to using high-quality products is the longevity of the products. When you cut corners with inferior products, the life-expectancy of your system. Not only do the parts and components wear out, but the doors themselves are also more frail and likely to ding, dent and warp. The thinness and economy-level materials are simply not designed to last long-term, which means you’ll almost certainly have to repair and replace your garage door much sooner with these economy brands than with a quality door system from Helotes Overhead Garage Doors.

3. Reliability

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using quality brands and products in our garage door systems is the reliability that comes with them. The quality products from CHI are designed to last, work correctly, and provide peace-of-mind. Garage door systems are heavy, mobile systems that sit over your vehicles and belongings. If you use cut-rate products, you may put yourself at risk of damaging your home or property if that system malfunctions. Falling garage doors, rails, or openers can cause massive amounts of damage and personal harm. Avoiding all these calls with the quality products we offer is always a responsible idea.


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