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Common San Antonio Garage Door Problems

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Common San Antonio Garage Door Problems

San Antonio is a wonderful city, full of culture, tradition, and a boatload of people. With all the growth that San Antonio has undergone in the past few decades, there’s a litany of different garage door problems that affect our community. Here’s a breakdown of the most common garage door problems, and how to go about correcting them.


Worn-Out Garage Door Openers


Eventually, your garage door opener (and the system that it powers) will wear out. It’s a simple matter of fact, unfortunately. Your garage door is very heavy and is probably the largest moving system in your entire home. Over time, all that use causes things to break down. Typically, your garage door opener will wear out before the rest of the system.


This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually a really fortunate situation. Your garage door opener can be replaced much more easily than having to rehang an entire garage door, so when your garage door opener stops working, call a San Antonio garage door expert from Helotes Overhead. We’ll come out and fix the problem quickly and affordably.


Rollers Fall Off Track


Occasionally, the rollers that your garage door uses to move will fall off the track that houses them. This can be a dangerous situation, as it can cause your garage door to fall on whatever is inside the garage – whether it’s last year’s Christmas decorations, your vintage muscle car, or a family member.


If you see that your roller isn’t making good contact, your track is damaged, or you’ve had the door completely fall off the track, we offer San Antonio garage door repair services that will help put your system back together before it causes an expensive and possibly dangerous situation.


Broken Springs and Chains


One of the most common problems that pops up when your garage door system isn’t properly maintained is a broken spring or pulley chain. The consistent use, frequent extreme heat, and dry conditions can cause these parts to wear out if they aren’t properly maintenanced and lubricated regularly. The failure of either of these essentially renders your door immobile (unless you plan on lifting and closing it manually every time you use it).


However, the process of repairing a broken spring or chain can be pretty simple for an experienced garage door repair expert. If your spring or chain has broken, call our team for a quick estimate and prompt service.


Garage Door Damage


Sometimes, it’s not something mechanical that’s wrong with your garage door – it’s the hood of your teenager’s car that slammed into it.


When you need a full-on garage door replacement, we’ve got you covered with some of the best options in town. We only use high-quality CHI brand doors and all of our work is covered with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty. We’d be proud to handle your garage door installation and replacement.


No matter what type of garage door problem you’re experiencing, call the team you know you can rely on at Helotes Overhead Garage Doors. We’re fast, affordable, and professional. See for yourself why we’ve been the premier San Antonio garage door repair company since 1985!

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